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Pacific Japanese cuisine from Hokkaido to Hawaii


OKKO is a place for all food lovers, where Vegan and Vegetarians can savour a delicious meal alongside their indulgent Meat-&-Fish-loving friends. 

Playing upon the dichotomy of healthy eating and cheat days, we offer a wide range of dishes. From super healthy options like Sashimi, Poke, and Broth to classic Japanese comfort food such as Ramen, Katsu, and Gyoza.  

At OKKO, we bring you a fusion of  Japanese cuisine and a Pacific beach-side lifestyle to your plate.


Our menu has been carefully designed to bring a unique and unforgettable dining experience. Each plate is deliberately curated following the beauty of Japanese precision and the use of simple ingredients that harmonise in a burst of flavour.

Salmon Sashimi


Japanese Delivey London

Fancy OKKO at home?​

Japanese Delivery London
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