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Okko Delivery Map

Pickup and Delivery services are available every day!

Our Delivery Time is approx. 45 - 60 min

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On Fridays and Saturdays, we recommend pre-ordering your delivery or pick-up before 5 pm.



Seltzer Cucumber @
Crisp, clean and refreshing cucumber seltzer; Lightly carbonated, low calorie and made only with natural ingredients.
Diet Coke
Can of 330 ml
Seltzer Yuzu @
Crisp, clean & refreshing drink. Lightly carbonated, lemony, low calorie & made with natural ingredients. Vegan Society Approved
Kirin Ichiban @
Bottle 330 ml 4.6%. Premium Japanese lager
Lychee Martini @
Sweet cocktail with citrus note. Vodka 50ml 38%, Lichee Liquer 25ml 20%
Plum Wine Bottle @
Cold Ozeki Sake @
Coke @
Can of 330 ml
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